The miles seem to go by faster when you’re running with someone.  So just think how much faster they will go when you join our outrageously good looking group of runners. Here’s the deal.  It’s free. It’s for everyone.  And it meets every Monday at 6:30pm at Federal Hill Fitness on 39 E. Cross Street.

Turn off the computer and come join us for a run.

Here’s how we start off every run:

  1. We pass around a bag for your keys, phones, and anything else that jangles. We then put it behind the front desk at the Federal Hill Fitness so it’s all safe.
  2. We’ll mention any announcements, some key races coming up and the rules of the fitness center.
  3. Then everyone everyone introduces themselves (just their name and if they are new) and says their approximate pace (e.g  8 minute miles). If you don’t know, just say fast, medium, or slow. Use your outdoor voice.
  4. If you’re new, we pair you up with someone approximately your pace so they can show your the course.
  5. We follow a basic course that is about 4.7 miles.  The faster folks add additional mileage and if you’re not quite feeling it, you can turn around sooner.
  6. We all end up back at Federal Hill Fitness around 7:15ish.  There is always a water cooler and cups available.
  7. Then some people go out afterward for drinks/dinner.

Doesn’t that sound a lot better than what you’re doing now?  We’ll see you there. If you’re new, be sure to introduce yourself to the organizers (usually Ryan McGrath, James Dubose, or Susan Kim who will be standing next to the water cooler and key bag) and one of them will help match you up.

Finally, if you know of anyone who likes to run, pass along this link. Or better yet,  Like us on facebook, tweet about us, or be Old School and just bring them with you.

41 Responses to Welcome

  1. Jesse Kopelke says:

    I just moved to the city and tonight will be my first night with Federal Hill Runners. Thanks for putting this website up just in time! See you all tonight!

  2. I’ve been receiving your emails for a few years (embarrassing I’ve never joined a run!) After work has always been tough for me, and I think I’ve just been intimidated, however after this new site was posted, I’m officially committed. I’ll hopefully see you soon!

  3. We’re officially glad to have you. See you soon!

  4. SusanLSperry says:

    So excited to see Federal Hill Runners going strong. Thanks to Ryan, Susan and many others who are leading the group!

  5. Tonya_theRunner says:

    Great Job Susan on the website!! Look forward to running in the rain 2night!

  6. Christen says:

    Good morning! I was planning on joining the group tonight for the first time. Will the rain cancel the run? I actually don’t mind running in the rain (aside from a downpour!) I am just wondering how I would know if it is cancelled or not.

    • Oh, good question. The answer is rain, snow, sleet, nor dark of gloom cancels the run. Severe lightening would be the one thing. I’ll add this to the FAQs

  7. komorgan says:

    Any good running events coming up?

  8. komorgan says:

    Are we still meeting for a 6:30 pm run on Memorial Day?

  9. I am really excited that I just found this website! I’m moving to Federal Hill at the end of this month (from Indiana) and I’m seriously going to cry as I leave my running group… so I’m going to need a new one! :) I’ll be there at the beginning of August! Are any of you on twitter or facebook? Dorky of me to ask, I’m sure… but I figured I would try to connect with some of you before getting there :) My twitter is @m_binkley and my facebook is facebook.com/magbinkley. I’m really nice, I swear! Looking forward to meeting you guys!!! -Maggie

  10. Coming out for my first run tomorrow. Woohoo!

  11. I’ll be there tonight for my first run! Looking forward to meeting you guys! :)

  12. Darla says:

    Hi, I am new to running and really haven’t run any solid distance such as those mentioned above. I think the most I’ve run is 2.5 miles. I was looking for people to run with since I’m usually by myself on the treadmill, but I was curious if I had to meet the 4.7 mile course as a minimum to join you guys?

    • Darla- That’s great that you are starting to run. Here’s the good news about running with us (and running in general). You can turn back at any time! Around the 2.5 mile point we actually go by cross street– at Harborview. We continue running along the Harbor. What you could do is turn at Cross Street and go back to the start point. That being said– you may find out that you can run longer than you think as long as you start out slowly. My suggestions: Run with our slower runners and turn at cross street, if possible, bring a friend that runs at your speed/distance, continue to run on the treadmill especially during this cold weather. Be sure to introduce yourself to me, Ryan, and James (the leaders of the group) when you arrive. Welcome!

  13. Had a great time running with all of you 2 weeks ago! Looking forward to joining you again this week!

  14. Federal Hill Runners promoted in Baltimore travel post on Rustwire and Comeback City


  15. adam says:

    sounds like a good club. i’ve been thinking about getting into running but it’s a little intimidating to get started. starting with a club would probably be best, just not sure if i could keep up

  16. kr27734 says:

    Just moved to the area and am looking forward to joining you all this coming Monday!

  17. fivestrong4 says:

    I’m as green as they come, with regards to running, however my trainer says, “in order to take my workout to the next level, I need to start running.” So here I am. Anyone else a “rookie runner?”

  18. How rookie are you? If you’re more a walk-jogger, we recommend that you come with a friend at about that pace. Once you move up to 9 minute miles, you’ll have lots of company.

  19. Ryan Dobbins says:

    I’m finally finishing up school so and I am a runner, I ran the BMORE Full last Oct. So I am interested in joining a few runs later in the summer. Is it always the same path (i.e. distance)? It appears that the 8:30 pace should fit well with the group? Thanks

  20. Ryan, you’ll be a great fit. As for the distance, that varies. We all run approximately the same route but the faster runners add some extra distance so we all finish at about the same time. We do one main route in the summer (avoiding the inner harbor– too crowded) and then do the harbor route the rest of the year.

  21. Danielle D says:

    Does this group only meet on Mondays? I’ll be moving to the city soon for grad school and once classes start i won’t be able to join Monday runs :(

  22. Danielle- Yes, we only meet on Mondays. There are other groups in the city though that meet other days. Charm City Run in McHenry Row does wednesday runs and has a marathon training group.

  23. this looks/sounds perfect. see you guys tomorrow I hope?

  24. Clyde-see you tomorrow at 6:30pm. Be sure to introduce yourself to the leaders which will be James, Ryan, and myself. A

  25. Debbie says:


  26. shamikah Harrison says:

    Do you still have the classes and is there one today.I would love to join.

  27. Bill says:

    hello is this still being done?

  28. Melissa says:

    I will be in town for a conference in a couple of weeks and would love to join in on this run. Do you allow out of towers to participate?

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