Top 5 Offseason Tips for Runners

It’s the offseason…now what?

I know the feeling……you just completed your fall goal race. You let yourself sleep in for the last couple weeks as a reward. You’ve been eating desserts again. Sundays spent sleeping in and watching football have been much easier to stomach than getting up for a long run. Motivation to get moving again – especially after weeks of indulgence – is harder than ever. Here’s a few ideas to get you up and moving again this offseason!

1.       Don’t make a plan. You stuck to your plan perfectly for your goal race. Now throw that out the window! See who else in your running group is running this week and make a few running dates. Don’t feel like doing a workout this week? Then don’t! Keeping active is the key here, but making sure you’re doing 8×400 faster than you ever have before is not.

2.       Pick a race! It’s good to have downtime, but make sure you set a goal as the extra motivation you may need when it’s time to get moving again. A destination race in a warm spot during the winter months is just what I need to keep getting me out the door when it’s cold and dark.

3.       Participate in your local Turkey Trot! Holiday events are some of the most fun I’ve had while racing. You can race, or you can jog in a turkey hat – and you’ll fit right in either way! Baltimore’s Gobble Cobble is in its third year and has been growing nonstop. If you’re in town on turkey day, it’s a must do! In December there are plenty of Jingle Bell runs to have some fun at as well. And of course, New Years means some Resolution Runs!

5.       Try something new. Again, the key here is to stay active and it doesn’t have to mean running. Always wanted to try a spin class at the gym? Go for it! Heard about Patapsco State Park but never run there? Go exploring this weekend and run the trails! Winter is a great time to mix up your usual fitness routine. Head to the pool for a swim, challenge your neighbor to a game of basketball. All of these activities will help you mentally recharge to training again soon!

Alyssa Godesky is currently enjoying her offseason after competing in the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona. You can read more about what she is up to at

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6 Best Ways to Get Off Your Butt and Out the Door

You have too much work. Too much much to do. And just don’t feel like running right now. Unless you’re injured, you have no excuses for not running.  Here’s how to get back into your running groove

  1. Commit to 10 minutes. Don’t even think about how cold/hot/wet it is outside and just go for 10 minutes.  If you still don’t feel like running, turn around.  19 times out of 20 though, it’s not going to be as bad as you thought.  And you’ll feel much better when you finish.
  2. Have all your running gear ready before you go to bed. If you’re running in the morning, you’re set to go. If you’re running at or after work, you got your bag packed.
  3. Turn of the TV.  Nuff said.
  4. Schedule it on your calendar.  Give it the same importance as the meeting on the TPS reports and your dentist appointment.
  5. Run with a partner.  Or better yet, a group. When you know someone is waiting for you, you feel compelled to show up.  And running with a group can get you to go a little longer and faster than you would by yourself.  Which makes you a better runner.
  6. Sign up for a race.  Start out with a 5K. There are tons of great ones in Baltimore.

By staying fit you’ll be more productive at work and at home.  Which will give you more time to run.

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