Most of these rules are are just common sense and curtesy.  But that’s too long to fit into the navigation bar.

Rules for the Road:

  1. Stop at stop signs and obey the traffic lights.   When 47 runners in front of you are whizzing through the intersection, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the light has turned red. If it’s red, stop. Too many drivers have the sun in their eyers (or a smartphone in their lap) and may not notice you.  No matter how fit you are.
  2. Cross at crosswalks.
  3. If running after dark, try to wear something light colored/reflective.

Rules of the Gym (Federal Hill Fitness):

  1. You can use their bathroom
  2. Don’t walk in the gym without a shirt on
  3. The towels are for members only.  Want towel service?  Consider becoming a member. It’s a great deal and they are our sponsor.

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